Special Services

Shawnee believes that what is getting in the way of leaders maximizing their
effectiveness, increasing their productivity and achieving happiness in all aspects of their
lives are the absence of “transparency”, “spontaneity” and emotional integrity. Shawnee is
committed to training, developing and transforming the WHOLE person by infusing
storytelling, experiential activities, emotional expansion exercises and practical tools for
leadership into her trainings, workshops and keynote addresses.

Our one on one, in-person and virtual sessions allow participants to explore both past and present life challenges and transitions that may be blocking an individuals growth, emotional and spiritual well being, acquisition of resources and power in their lives. Clients interested in doing individualized work may do so in the form of coaching, counseling and experiential learning activities that will support them in gaining clarity, focus and a greater sense of power, authority and purpose in their lives.

Our interactive workshop sessions engage group members in a process by which education, enlightenment and transformation can be achieved through the use of action methods as well as collective and community sharing, engagement and interaction. Shawnee and her team offer in person as well as virtual workshop sessions to accommodate the needs of our clientele.

Our consulting services provide community-based organizations, faith-based institutions, social service agencies and/or academic institutions with professional development workshops, educational sessions, mediation, program analysis and/or supervision to enhance their programs, services and outcomes. Services include, but are not limited to needs assessment and evaluation, workforce development, racial equity, diversity and inclusion, leadership development, conflict resolution and mediation services and consultation

Showers & blessing ways for expectant parents, baby blessings, special ceremonies for significant life events, marriage ceremonies, homegoing services. 

Our ceremonies and rituals are designed for individuals, families and communities who wish to include sacred rites and traditions as part of their celebrations, community gatherings and significant life events. These rituals provide the foundation for growth, change, new beginnings and/or endings and are tailored to honor the culture and traditions of the clients being served. These services include ceremonies for grieving family/community members who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Our staff guides clients through their healing process by facilitating the exploration of thoughts, emotions and sacred memories associated with the ascended soul. Services are offered in the form of individual, group and family sessions and are sensitive to the spiritual, cultural and familial beliefs, practices and rituals of the client and/or family. 

 We have designed a four-part system called “Partnering With Power” that allows couples to explore and transform the dynamics within their intimate partnerships so that they can co-create balanced, healthy and mutually satisfying relationships that reflect the visions that they have for their unions. Couples are guided through an experiential, holistic process that covers the 4 pillars of a powerful partnership (communication, co-creation, collaboration and contribution)

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