The Power of Partnership

On Sunday, July 30th 2017, Shawnee Benton-Gibson led the Mother Wit Power Breakfast to fellowship, review and reflect on this healing work, a discussion about the Mother Wit Conference outcomes, the vision for the movement, and how we can support each other in furthering the work we are doing. It was a beautiful turnout! We are an awesome Black family filled with talented individuals and Entrepreneurs! If you need something, most likely someone in the family can get it done! Lol We have artists, singers, dancers, musicians, doctors, therapists, designers, stylists, entrepreneurs, event planners, life coaches, mentors, teachers, mothers, chefs, childcare providers, MTA workers, photographers/videographers, basketball players, referees, and much more all in one family and thats just between a few of us! Follow us on our journey to build our brands, become better people, strengthen our bond as a family, and achieve our dreams!


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