Head Coach

Kinyofu Mteremeshi-Mlimwengu is a long recognized professional in advocacy for Women’s Empowerment.  Spanning over 15 years of service, Kinyofu has touched hundreds of families with her passionate support of their birth and beyond experiences. She provides educational forums to support women's development, understanding and appreciation for their bodies as it relates to their womb and it's lifetime of stories. A published author, she boasts the ability to master wide-reaching subject matter from sex slavery to reproductive justice. She also curates Exhibitions and Red Tents on women’s reproductive health. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Community and Human Services and a Master’s Degree in Education, Kinyofu Mlimwengu’s two focuses are on reproductive self-care of women and the social, emotional, cognitive and behavioral development of their children. Kinyofu melds the two together by providing resilience opportunities that encourage parents to love more and stress less. Kinyofu recommends that all individuals visit www.fightchildtrauma.com to gain a deeper perspective on the lifetime impact childhood stress and adversity has on the developing brain. She is also the proud mother of two young adults whom she credits with inspiring her desire for further enlightenment. More about Kinyofu's mission and monthly Red Tent women's circles can be found at www.reproductiveawakening.com.

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