Sahuspete Kokai

Head Coach

Sahuspete has been impacting and inspiring people her whole life to be their very BEST.  As a facilitator, she engages woman regularly to move beyond their current situation and is a head life coach in Spirit of a Woman, a rites of passage program.

Being heavily involved in the cultivation of  a Supreme mindset for all, as an educator, she has used her influence to take each person’s heart and thoughts  higher. Elevation is key. Fostering the understanding that we all manage our

world, Sahuspete uses music and purposeful expression of the mind to enhance it.  Sahuspete currently is a narrator and has published on amazon, an ebook, The Master Key System: Undisputable Keys to the Elevation of Humanity and  3 Childrens’ thematic empowerment music CDs through her company, Sound Supreme Kids. Sahuspete is a dynamic thought leader, congregational singer and flutist as well as  songwriter.

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