Wake Up With Us!

Join the Wake Up Everybody Virtual Series beginning Sunday, March 29th at 7AM and ending on Tuesday, June 30th at 8AM.  The series will include VIRTUAL webinars that will take place over zoom video conference lead by healers/experts from a variety of disciplines. Each healer will lead a one session for at least one hour from 7AM – 8AM,  and will guide participants through an experience that will educate, empower and expand their LIGHT.

The Wake Up Everybody Series is an event that offers participants the opportunity to keep their thoughts, emotions, feelings and perceptions in a HIGH vibrational space as they navigate the impact of the COVID-19 global Health crisis and beyond. This event will also support us as we continue to hold space for others (near and far).



Upcoming Sessions

Sunday, May 24th – Session 57 – Walk in the Light With Me: An Invitation to Face & Transform Our Relationship With the Darkness

Facilitated By: Shawnee Gibson

Author, Vision Coach & Healer, Shawnee Benton Gibson Coach will take you on a journey into the darkness to examine the shadowy parts of your being for the purpose of your expansion and liberation. During this provocative and evocative session she will use experiential techniques, intuitive readings and the energy of the collective to guide you and the other participants toward the light of your lives. Shawnee will share her personal testimony as presented in her autobiographical book entitled “Walk In The Light With Me”, and will use the themes from that narrative as a guidepost and formula for healing and transformation.


Monday, May 25th – Session 58 – Truth Tea on Love

Facilitated By: Meika Joseph

The experience of love has many different flavors to it. Romantic love family, friends and self love are a few. We crave it yet we experience so much pain from it. We begin to cut some of the ties we have built with love or isolating ourselves to be safe from the tides of Love. In this class we will discover how to find the balance in our emotions and step into Divine LOVE.


Tuesday, May 26th – Session 59 – Love & Lust: Duality, Spirituality & Authenticity

Facilitated By: Cashel Campbell

Utilizing movement & group discussion, this session will explore some of the ways we experience love & lust, in relationship to both ourselves & other. We will explore our societal consciousness related to the Madonna Whore complex & discuss the ways we allow abstinence/engagement to show up in ourselves authentically & within the constructs of spirituality & sex.


Wednesday, May 27th – Session 60 – “Ethics in Love”

Facilitated By: Jasmine Johnson & King Noire

A discussion with polyamorous couple, Jasmine & King Noire, how to bring respectability behaviors, honest communication, and creativity to design and support any intimate relationship.


Thursday, May 28th – Session 61 – The Power of Few: Fathers Helping Fathers in the Community

Facilitated By: Omari Maynard

There are moments in our lives that change us forever. As a man, adjusting and growing can be a process that is handled alone and in silence. What if it didn’t have to be? How do we adjust? How do we navigate? How do we pivot? How do we ask for help? How do we receive help? Omari Maynard, Charles Johnson, and Bruce McIntyre will tell their stories of loss, gain, failure, growth, and how they lean on fathers and community for support.


Friday, May 29th – Session 62 – Recognizing Your Political Power

Facilitated By: Stacey L. Simmons

These are challenging times and our nation’s problems seem insurmountable. Every day, we’re exposed to more stories of corruption, violence, and injustice. While these are difficult times, we can’t afford to be complacent or leave the decision-making to others. This session will be facilitated by Stacey Long Simmons, an attorney and professional lobbyist. For over a decade, Stacey has advocated for legislative and policy changes at the local, state, and federal levels on issues such as voting rights, employment nondiscrimination protections and ending racial profiling. With the 2020 elections just 6 months away, it’s time to to embrace our political power and Wake Up through civic engagement. This session will address three key questions: Who is making the decisions that affect our lives? What is civic engagement? How can we influence the policy agenda and hold our elected officials accountable? Join us for a dynamic discussion and commit to level up your involvement for the sake of all our futures.


Saturday, May 30th – Session 63 – Dealing With Grief During A Pandemic

Facilitated By: Lennie Carter

Grief comes in many forms besides the loss of a loved one. During these challenging times and a global pandemic it may be challenging to navigate the loss of friendship, school, career changes, outdoor activities and more. This workshop will give attendees the opportunity to learn healthy ways to navigate our new normal. No matter what you are grieving this session will assist in growing through the loss and getting clarity on moving forward.

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