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Date: December 31, 2018
Location: Zoom and Uber Conference Lines

What is the 7-Day Ritual of Balance & Renewal?

(2018 End of Year Ritual Dates: December 23rd to December 29th)

The 7-Day Ritual of Balance & Renewal is for Si-STARS who are committed to creating balance, reciprocity and powerful connections in their lives. The Ritual is designed to provide you with the tools that will shift the energy of resistance and imbalance in your mind, body and spirit.

The full design and instruction package for the ritual is sent out upon registration and includes a summary of all of the materials you will need to fully participate. It also provides explanations for each part of the ritual so that you will have a greater level of understanding and sense of purpose regarding this sacred work.

The opening and closing sessions of the 7-Day Ritual take place on Saturday Mornings over conference line. Please save the dates and the conference number and pin.

IMPORTANT: We are requesting that you complete your clearing/cleansing ritual, listen to the Winter Solstice meditation, set up your sacred space and log into the secret Facebook Page BEFORE our opening session. You will also be assigned to your ritual partner before our first call.

Cost to Participate = $80

Registration Opens in November, 2018.

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